Summer Vibes, summer sweet, summer beat, greetings from the beach where you can smell the fresh air, touch the soft sand and feel the sun embrace your soul to strengthen your mindset. A cool sea breeze lifts your hair and feels like pure silk on your skin. The sunset coloring the sky with a beautiful mixture of orange, red, pink and purple.

This Melodic House song from Reggy Lem as a second release with deepin2music liberates your mind and soul, a way to escape the routines of life. The track perfectly fits in your DJ-Set to create a summer atmosphere or on your headphones while lounging on the beach !

The beat and ambient sounds surrounded with various fine effects fulfill your ear with a longing emotion, a longing to breath the air at this beautiful space on earth, where you can reset your thoughts and reflect your sentiments with your beloved one in full relaxation.

This first class track is a strong performance from our Dutch Producer, Reggy Lem, who is fully on track with all his creativity and will surprise us with more good tracks in the future. Keep an eye on this artist and support his work to motivate the creative mindset for more beautiful tracks to come.