3bute to 1967 Berlin Electronic Music Group is a tribute EP with 3 songs produced by Paul Promis for the years of fine music that this Berlin based group has made and still does. The typical sounds and flows generated by this superb group through decades were used in films, famous series and great live performances. As a source of inspiration, this Berlin Music Group inspired Paul Promis and his synthesizer music. Paul created his own flows and productions spiced with some Berlin Music Group flavors and nicely mixed and mastered with a great result in this New Age, Ambient style of music. As a tribute to this Berlin Music Group, Paul Promis did a great job and with this first tribute EP release with 3 songs – Astral Voyage One, The Long Way Home and Trance Train – he started a series of tribute EP’s with some more good music coming out soon. In his previous release – Electro Voice One – Paul Promis was inspired by Kraftwerk synthesizer music. All those big artists in the early 60-70-80ies were the source of todays electronic music and its varieties. Therefore it is great to have some new productions in the old style and they are loved by many of our generation 60-70-80ies listeners and even our youngsters of today. We call it “New Retro” and enjoy it today, thanks to TD and PM.

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