Ineas Wagemans

Ineas Wagemans, born on the 03rd of September 1989 in Antwerp (Belgium) loved music ever since he was a kid.
He grew up in a musical and artistic family and he started his DJ career at the age of 12 in the year 2002 and has never stopped since.
Ineas graduated as a sound engineer and focussed on producer and designer skills. He loves experimenting with audio samples as well as with
synths, sequencers and live instruments. Most of his free time you can find him in his homestudio cooking up fresh beats and sounds.
During his DJ sessions he touched a lot of genres, but felt a deep love for Techno and House Music, which made him searching and mixing the best
tracks in those genres.
You can describe his unique sound like the perfect match between House and Techno with a focus on harmony and melody, mixed with a slightly
dark touch and still keeping the energy level at a nice flow during the set.
Ineas performed on many different stages in clubs and at festivals, on boat parties, at radio stations in and outside of Belgium.
In general his daily live is organized for the love of the underground music scene and its culture. Its his way of life !
Looking ahead, Ineas is confident to run into some amazing gigs and hopes to meet great people while traveling the world with music in his
luggage and meanwhile expanding his knowledge and skills in music productions.