Reggy Lem

Reggy Lem is a dutch DJ and producer.
Ever since he was a little kid he is passionate about electronic music. Started with mixing cassette tapes
as a 12 year old and not much later vinyl and cd’s.
He played in several clubs in the area of Amsterdam. And also produced tracks mainly in trance style.
Later on he organized many events together with DJ colleagues under the name of BunkerBeats, Beats on the beach and other collaborations.
As life sometimes takes a twist, music became more a hobby.
But as he lives and breathes music, a couple of years ago he started spending more an more time in his studio. All this effort is now translated in tracks with a little story to tell.
The style of his productions are hard to categories, his music is melodic, uplifting with a raw or rebel edge.
If you like this, keep an eye on new productions!