Konrad Fader


At the age of 17 I was fascinated by house music. The beats and sounds filled my ears with pleasure. At that time I bought my first turntable and started to mix vinyl records. A DJ was born in me and I started doing beat mixes with house music. In no time I was resident DJ at “Lunatics Fun Factory”, a famous house café in Mol.
Many years thereafter I played in different clubs and some big festivals like: “Nacht der DJ’s, The Screen, Club Orlando, Illussion,….. and many more.
Together with some friends, I began organising House festivals, called “Phreakz”, with several famous deejays giving the best of themselves in housemusic. DJ Konrad Fader was born !!
Meanwhile, I began making my own housemusic with colleague DJ’s and the combination of both, producing and DJ, opened a world of fascination and joy which I want to share with my fans.

Listen and enjoy my sets on soundcloud.