Dennis began his musical career very young, at the age of six. After the classical note-reading course, he started playing electronic organ as his favorite instrument at the time and subsequently took organ lessons for 12 years with Wilfried Van Baelen (founder of Galaxy Studios and Auro Technologies NV).
Already then, people saw his possibilities with sound, so the next step to design sound all by himself was a logic one. After his electronics studies he enrolled at the famous engineers school for audio engineers in Amsterdam (SAE School).
Internal workings of a professional studio became his ready to use knowledge. MIDI with computers and various synthesizers his passion. During the years that followed, he managed to work his way into the Belgian dance scene, performing on many big stages as the first Belgian digital live band, named Borax (Dance Opera, Nacht der DJ’s, Technophobia, Nacht der Jongeren). After 2 year of traveling across dancings and party’s all over Belgium, Dennis decided to abandon the stage and began as producer in the studio. Recently working his way up to Master on Master, everything is perfect to go now!
Their legendary liveacts were a breakthrough on the hottest party’s, due to their beats and sounds from vintage times. Those parties have never been forgotten, and still today, with the beats and sounds from that era, Borax is back, better than ever !!!

Listen and enjoy my music on soundcloud.