Art Lucas


Luc started at the age of 8 with music lessons in classical note-reading course and chose the piano as instrument. He took lessons at the local music academy and played for many years classical pieces on the piano, studied Music History and Improvisation Technics. During his early years, he often went to the Church to play on the organ, which brought him in contact with Wilfried Van Baelen, who was often practicing on the Organ for his Conservatorium Degree. Wilfried had his own recording studio (Galaxy Studio, small version of the current studio) and at that time Wilfried gave Luc the wonderful experience of listening to an real artist playing the electronic organ. This experience made him decide to start taking lessons from Wilfried in playing the electronic organ. Secondly his interest in audio recording studios and home recording studios grew during the years and technology gave him the opportunity to make his own music. This resulted in a first full CD: New Links, professionally mixed and mastered at Galaxy Studios by Wilfried in 1999. During that time frame, several music styles like New Beat, House, Dance, Trance, Techno, Progressive were hot in the music scene and in 2006 Luc met Dennis, who was completely involved in those styles of music. Now, the combination of the New Age and Classical influence from Luc, with the up tempo beats music from Dennis, brought some fascinating new sounds and productions, which created IN2MUZE6 and Art Lucas as solo artist.

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