Paul Promis alias DJ Silverhead


Paul started with music at the age of 7 on a holiday at Monchou (Germany) he bought a mouth harmonica and started playing his first songs in the car of his parents when he was driving at home. After following a 4 years classical note- reading course at the local music academy he learned also to play the piano for 5 years. But his interest in heavy classical music didn’t match with his musical ideas.
He didn’t touch the piano about 10 years. Then a new influence started his need for music and sound again. His dad bought him a second hand organ after hearing this instrument in a local café. The musical ideas of this instrument where fine but he knew there must be more.Then he walked in a local music shop and admired the sounds of the synths.
Paul was also a local gym coach. He was the coach of gymnasts at a Belgian top level. In the local gym club he met Luc Caeyers (alias Art Lucas). Together they vistied on a regular base a Music Shop in his neighbourhood and after a while they formed the group CupaluCa that later changed in CC-Touch. After almost 15 years of making songs for gymnastic and jumping events and local firms (videoclips), they decided to make a CD in the galaxy studio without any Studio knowledge. The lucky strike was that Wilfried Van Baelen himself (From the Galaxy studios) mixed their first album “New Links Millennium” with an amazing Quality of Sound.
A few performances as CC-Touch member in 2000 and a second place on a contest for BASF where the highlights so far. After a pauze of almost 5 years he learned to play acoustic and electric guitar by himself, then they met again and Luc was making a home studio with his new friend Dennis Vos (alias Borax). Paul is a kind of octopus on musical front. He doesn’t stop exploring new sounds and musical influences. He also plays some rhythmic percussion instruments. A new world opened for him when Dennis learned him the basics of mixing music with a DAW sequencer program. After a while Paul also met Koen (alias DJ Konrad Vader). All the influences of his idols: JM Jarre, Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, Vangelis,Tangerine dream, …and the different styles of the studio crew(Luc, Dennis and Koen) inspired him to this musical style. The electro-pop voices. He hopes you’ll enjoy this kind of music.