Tim Peeters, widely known as NIVIRO, is Belgium’s fastest growing star in the dance music industry. He may only be twenty-one years old, but his music is already being supported by some of the most respected and well-renowned artists in the scene, such as Tiësto, Alan Walker and Blasterjaxx. As history has consistently proven, every successful individual has his own enchanting, inspiring and motivating story. And so does Tim.

What is the very first memory or experience that you’ve ever had after your birth? This is a question which most people probably don’t have a straight forward answer for. But for Tim, it’s only as if it happened yesterday. He was exactly three years old when he went to a local store to buy his first CD, featuring his favorite song from his favorite artist at the time. Unsurprising as it sounds, the song was, unlike other music, made on a computer and crafted with virtual instruments. This may have been the first sign of the astonishing future which was ahead of this young, musical prodigy.

At the age of six, Tim received a rather extraordinary present. Even for a child that young. His parents gave him his first, basic DJ-setup for his birthday. Tim started to develop a refined sense for music very quickly. As he was very eager to learn, he started taking piano lessons at the age of ten. He wanted to be able to compose songs, just the way his idols did. As a result of this, he immediately was able to write compositions which left people speechless. His family and friends started to recognise his incredible talent and concluded this boy was gifted with something wonderful and very special.

Getting older, this exceptional youngster took his career into his own hands, and invested his savings into a professional music studio. A place where he could transform the compositions he wrote on his grand piano, into polished and crisp productions. As years went by, Tim gathered a lot of experience and worked together with a lot of amazing and exceptionally talented people. His goal? Becoming the very best at what he does. At the age of 16, Tim started his very first project called Axizz. Under this alias, he produced hardstyle music. Energetic and euphoric sounds, with pounding beats at 150 beats per minute, which simply made Tim’s heart go twice as fast. His love for this genre never completely disappeared and occasionally still finds its way into his creative process.

At the age of 18, Tim took a decision which would change his life forever. He decided to start over with a clean sheet and do something completely different. As it wasn’t possible to channel all his creativity into one specific genre, and because he believed in an open-minded scene, Tim created NIVIRO. From now on, everything built up quickly. He started producing new music, and his tracks already quickly caught the attention of famous artists and big record labels all over the world. The highlight, which makes this whole story a real fairy tale, is that one of Tim’s biggest childhood heroes, Tiësto, dropped the NIVIRO remix of Silence at the Tomorrowland mainstage! Goosebumps!

The ultimate reward for all the hard work follows during the Summer of 2017. Tim enters the holy grounds of Dance Music, Tomorrowland. NIVIRO is an artist which is formed by hard work, motivation, dedication and of course pure love for music and the music he makes.

Supported by:
– Tiësto
– Alan Walker
– Blasterjaxx
– D.O.D.
– Justin Prime
– Magnificence
– Regi
– …